Jinx's Trade Site


I created this to hopefully make looking through my shinies a bit easier. I am not an event collector or an EVed collector. I have obtained the ones I have through giveaways or cloning them for people so I have no clue about legitimacy. 


Important information about my shiny Legendaries:

I have moved my list of shiny legendaries to a HIDDEN page. So, if you are looking to trade me for shiny legendaries, please ask for the link to the list.



4297-5006-1871 - Diamond #2, Brian
1547-1759-9561 - Diamond, Kelly (Main Shiny FC)
2837-2556-2851 - HeartGold, Summer
1291-0542-8966 - Pearl, Brenden
2880-1600-6533 - Platinum #2, Abby (Editing FC)
1204-9749-1821 - Platinum, Autumn
3739-1690-9697 - SoulSilver, April

 Any shiny with either of my OT and ID (I know my SIDs so those are available upon request if you are legit checking shinies) are 100% legit! I do NOT HACK shinies to expand my collection! EVER!


Here's my email where you can offer me stuff: jinxblog@yahoo.com



1. I ONLY trade for legit pokemon. No edited/hacks.

2. I don't like touched pokemon either. If it's touched, don't bother posting it.

3. NO RNGed. At all. (As in, no Lv1s) Thank you for not offering them to me. 

4. In your first post, please state: what you're offering, what you're interested in, and if you want any more information on my pokes.

5. If I do trade you a shiny and you have it legit checked and it turns out to be a hacked (I can promise you, the ones where I'm the OT where either RNGed by me or chained), I will trade you back your pokemon or you can ask for reasonable compensation. You're actually helping me out by purging my collection of edits and hacks and moreover, the shiny collector community.