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*** OTs, IDs, etc are available upon request, Pokemon that were Rare Candied to evolve by ME have no move changes so that they are as UT as possible ***


Chained by me:

Bidoof Lv4 Jolly, Naughty, Naive, Modest

Budew (Pkrs) Lv16 Naive

Cascoon Lv12 Gentle, Bold

Corsola Lv48 Bashful

Ditto Lv22 Seriou, Careful, Hasty

Dunsparce Lv18 Modest 

Electabuzz Lv39 Naive

Fearow Lv52 Brave

Floatzel Lv30 Rash

Gastly Lv13 Docile x2

Gastrodon Lv42 Gentle, Jolly, Lonely, Docile, Hasty

Girafarig Lv26 Gentle w/Persim Berry, Quirk w/Persim berry, Calm, Hardy, Bashful x2

Graveler Lv23 Brave, Docile

Hoppip Lv9 Naive

Houndour Lv28 Brave, Lax

Kadabra Lv22 Jolly

Krabby Lv48 Relaxed x2, Naive, Hasty, Calm

Larvitar Lv16 Lax, Modest, Naughty x2, Naive, Rash

Lickitung Lv34 Bold

Lombre Lv48 Quirky, Timid, Mild

Luxio Lv40 Bashful

Machop Lv7 Calm, Sassy, Mild, Bold, Relaxed, Serious

Magmar Lv28 Lonely, Bashful, Mild, Calm

Marill Lv23 Docile

Natu Lv50 Bashful, Mild

Nidorina Lv29 Gentle

Pelipper Lv50 Bold, Lonely

Phanpy Lv7 Brave

Pinsir Lv49 Docile, Rash, Brave, Bold, Bashful, Lax

Ponyta Lv6 Bold

Poochyena Lv23 Mild

Ralts Lv17 Modest x9, Timid, Adamant F, Rash, Quiet, Naive, Calm, Bashful, Careful, Mild

Rhydon Lv52 Gentle (Random Encounter, caught in Masterball b/c I had low levels with me)

Rhyhorn Lv21 Rash

Roselia Lv23 Jolly

Roselia Lv49 Careful (Random Encounter)

Seviper Lv20 Brave, Serious

Shellos BLUE Lv25 Impish

Shellos PINK Lv9 Mild

Shinx Lv28 Quiet

Silcoon Lv14 Naughty, Timid, Brave

Skuntank Lv51 Bashful caught in Masterball b/c of Momento

Snover Lv38 Brave x3, Quiet

Snubbull Lv18 Naive

Starly Lv4 Quiet

Surskit Lv2 Relaxed

Trapinch Lv1 Mild (Random shiny hatch, NOT RNGed)

Ursaring Lv36 Relaxed

Zigagoon Lv3 Hasty


Shiny Egg Move Starters (All RNGed by me with 4 egg moves)

Bulbasaur Lv1 Sassy: GrassWhistle, Leaf Storm, Ingrain, Petal Dance

Chikorita Lv1 Gentle: Aromatherapy, AncientPower, Leaf Storm, Wring Out

Cyndaquil Lv1 Naughty: Flare Blitz, Double-Edge, Reversal, Crush Claw

Mudkip Lv1 Jolly: Mud Bomb, Ancient Power, Ice Ball, Curse

Treecko Lv1 Timid: Endeavor, Synthesis, Crunch, DragonBreath

Torchic Lv1 Bashful: Night Slash, Baton Pass, Rock Slide, Counter

Piplup Lv1 Relaxed: Agility, Supersonic, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam

Chimchar Lv1 Lonely: Heat Wave, Fake Out, ThunderPunch, Double Kick

Charmander Lv1 Gentle: Flare Blitz, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Crunch

Squirtle Lv1 Gentle: Muddy Water, Mirror Coat, Mud Sport, Surf

Totodile Lv1 Bold: AnceintPower, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw

Turtwig Lv1 Adamant: Seed Bomb, Growth, Body Slam, Superpower


Lv1 Shinies: (Some are done by me, ones with "Lv1" were got in trades, Looking to really trade these away,  may have egg moves)

-Will have to check if these are still available; this list of Lv1 Shinies is severely un-updated-

Abra Mild

Aipom Impish

Bulbsaur Naughty

Charmander Lv1 Adamant 

Chinchou Gentle

Cleffa Timid

Cubone Naughty

Doduo Serious

Drowzee Naive

Eevee Lv1 Modest

Exeggcute Lv1 (Pkrs) Rash

Gastly Lv1 Careful

Goldeen Lonely

Hoothoot Gentle

Kecleon Naive

Minun Lv1 Modest

Munchlax Lv1 Careful

Oddish Relaxed

Paras Naughty

Pichu Lv1 Mild

Rattata Jolly 

Riolu Lv1 Modest

Sableye Lv1 Careful

Seel Quiet

Seviper Lv1 Naughty 

Slowpoke Adamant

Slugma Lv1 Timid

Smoochum Rash

Spearow Mild

Staryu Lv1 Modest

Taillow Naive

Vulpix Lv1 Modest

Wailmer Careful


Shinies I got in trades: ALL ARE UT

* = 100% legit, chained by the people I traded to

Abomasnow Lv38 Adamant

Abra Lv5 Serious

Abra Lv5 Bashful

Absol Lv25 Relaxed

Aerodactyl Lv20 Jolly*

Aipom Lv5 Naive

Aipom Lv13 Adamant

Alakazam Lv22 Jolly*

Altaria Lv57 Timid

Anorith Lv20 Jolly

Arbok Lv26 Quirky

Arbok Lv28 Lax

Ariados Lv52 Adamant*

Ariados Lv52 Adamant* (Different from the other one)

Armaldo Lv40 Jolly (RCed to evolve)

Aron Lv29 Brave

Azumarill Lv49 Jolly

Azurill Lv18 Adamant

Bagon Lv29 Docile

Baltoy Lv14 Hasty

Baltoy Lv17 Docile*

Banette Lv54 Adamant

Banette Lv50 Bold (Jap)

Barboach Lv14 Hardy

Barboach Lv18 Serious

Beautifly Lv23 Careful

Beautifly Lv48 Adamant

Beldum Lv52 Impish

Beldum Lv5 Adamant

Bellossom Lv 51 Serious

Bellsprout Lv18 Quirky

Bellsprout Lv6 Lax

Bibarel Lv25 Hardy*

Bidoof Lv4 Lonely

Bonsly Lv22 Quirky*

Bonsly Lv18 Adamant*

Bronzong Lv37 Serious

Bronzong Lv42 Gentle 

Bronzor Lv18 Jolly

Bronzor Lv33 Mild

Buizel Lv8 Relaxed

Buneary Lv11 Naughty

Burmy MALE Lv12 Timid

Burmy FEMALE Lv12 Hardy NFT

Burmy FEMALE Lv8 Bold

Butterfree Lv12 Lax

Budew Lv18 Careful

Cacnea Lv23 Serious

Cacnea Lv23 Calm

Cacnea Lv23 Serious

Cacturn Lv53 Hasty

Camerupt Lv55 Impish

Camerupt Lv53 Hasty

Castform Lv18 Jolly

Carnivine Lv28 Brave

Carvanha Lv26 Gentle

Caterpie Lv6 Modest

Caterpie Lv4 Bold

Chansey Lv16 Brave

Chatot Lv38 Hasty

Chatot Lv40 Quiet

Cherrim Lv25 Mild (RCed to evolve)

Cherubi Lv8 Mild

Chinchou Lv25 Naughty

Chingling Lv16 Bold

Chingling Lv28 Quirky

Chimecho Lv54 Bashful

Clamperl Lv30 Hardy

Clefable Lv39 Docile

Clefairy Lv39 Docile

Cleffa Lv14 Impish

Cloyster Lv23 Lonely

Combee FEMALE (Pkrs cured) Lv9 Adamant

Corphish Lv38 Naughty

Cranidos (Jap) Lv20 Relaxed

Cranidos Lv20 Quirky

Crawdaunt Lv53 Adamant

Croagunk Lv24 Impish

Cubone Lv7 Naughty

Cubone Lv4 Calm

Delcatty Lv39 Lax

Delibird Lv32 Mild

Diglett Lv23 Mild

Diglett Lv25 Gentle

Diglett Lv15 Bashful

Ditto Lv38 Naive

Dodrio Lv43 Impish

Doduo Lv4 Naughty

Donphan Lv25 Brave

Donphan Lv42 Quirky

Dragonair Lv48 Mild

Dratini Lv16 Adamant

Drifblim Lv28 Hasty (RCed to evolve)

Drifloon Lv15 Hasty

Drowzee Lv20 Modest

Drowzee Lv10 Gentle

Dugtrio Lv53 Docile

Dugtrio Lv51 Rash

Dunsparce Lv16 Adamant

Dusclops Lv40 Serious

Dusknoir Lv40 Serious

Duskull Lv17 Calm

Dustox Lv14 Mild

Eevee Lv22 Sassy*

Eevee Lv16 Sassy*

Ekans Lv12 Docile*

Electabuzz Lv39 Mild*

Electabuzz Lv41 Rash (German)

Electivire Lv39 Mild*

Electrike Lv7 Adamant*

Electrode Lv30 Bold (RCed to evolve)

Elekid Lv9 Sassy

Elekid Lv10 Adamant*

Exeggcute Lv24 Jolly

Farfetch'd Lv28 Naughty

Finneon Lv20 Jolly (Jap)

Finneon Lv17 Timid

Flaffy Lv42 Modest*

Flareon Lv22 Sassy

Gabite Lv41 Naughty

Gastly Lv14 Calm

Gastrodon BLUE Lv51 Adamant

Gastrodon PINK Lv30 Impish IVs: 31/31/31/0/30/31* NFT

Geodude Lv27 Bold

Gible Lv20 Jolly*

Gible Lv44 Lax (HGSS)

Girafarig Lv22 Hardy

Girafarig Lv28 Naive (French)

Glaceon Lv23 Sassy

Glameow Lv29 Modest*

Gligar Lv24 Lonely

Gloom Lv51 Hasty

Golbat Lv46 Serious

Goldeen Lv20 Sassy 

Goldeen Lv5 Timid

Golduck Lv33 Adamant (RCed to evolve)

Golduck Lv51 Modest*

Gorebyss Lv30 Hardy

Grimer Lv26 Brave

Grimer Lv15 Naughty (HGSS)

Growlithe Lv2 Careful

Growlithe Lv21 Lonely* NFT by Original Owner 

Grumpig Lv32 Careful (RCed to evolve)

Gulpin Lv13 Relaxed

Gyarados Lv30 Naive (Lake Gyarados)

Happiny Lv22 Timid*

Heracross Lv52 Relaxed

Heracross Lv12 Gentle

Hippopotas Lv22 Quiet

Hippowdon Lv52 Adamant

Honchkrow Lv10 Adamant

Hoppip Lv12 Timid

Hoppip Lv11

Hoppip Lv 6 (HGSS)

Hoothoot Lv12 Jolly

Hoothoot Lv4 Hasty (German)

Horsea Lv19 Careful

Horsea Lv15 Jolly

Houndoom Lv23 Timid

Houndour Lv22 Jolly*

Houndour Lv23 Sassy

Huntail Lv30 Hardy

Igglybuff Lv18 Bashful 

Illumise Lv50 Serious

Illumise Lv50 Sassy (French)

Jigglypuff Lv16 Brave

Jigglypuff Lv6 Bold (HGSS)

Jolteon Lv22 Sassy

Jynx Lv49 Calm

Jynx Lv50 Docile 

Kabuto Lv20 Careful

Kabuto Lv20 Gentle

Kabutops Lv40 Gently (RCed to evolve)

Kakuna Lv12 Adamant*

Kangaskhan Lv25 Modest

Kecleon Lv30 Naive

Kecleon Lv25 Lonely

Kecleon Lv25 Careful*

Kecleon Lv25 Careful* (Different from the other one)

Kirlia Lv19 Timid* FEMALE

Kirlia Lv24 Timid Male (French)

Kingler Lv22 Docile (HGSS) 

Koffing Lv16 Hasty

Krabby Lv52 Naughty

Kricketot Lv10 Gentle

Kricketune Lv22 Timid

Kricketune Lv23 Docile (Spanish)

Lapras Lv46 Sassy

Larvitar Lv7 Adamant

Leafeon Lv23 Sassy

Ledyba Lv1 Rash

Lileep Lv20 Careful*

Linoone Lv28 Adamant

Lombre Lv23 Lax (German)

Lotad Lv16 Modest

Loudred Lv12 Gentle

Loudred Lv40 Modest*

Loudred Lv40 Modest* (Different from the other one)

Lumineon Lv34 Modest*

Lumineon Lv30 Brave

Lunatone Lv4 Careful

Luvdisk Lv27 Quirky

Luxio Lv50 Quirky (French)

Machoke Lv48 Mild (w/ Everstone)*

Machop Lv5 Relaxed

Magby Lv22 Impish

Magby Lv22 Rash

Magcargo Lv55 Quiet

Magikarp Lv59 Careful

Magmar Lv29 Modest*

Magmar Lv28 Quirky

Magmortar Lv29 Modest*

Magnemite Lv29 Modest

Magnemite Lv29 Hasty (Edited to get rid of NN, NN copy available)

Makuhita Lv48 Hardy

Makuhita Lv51 Lax

Mankey Lv22 Bold

Mantyke Lv31 Naughty

Marill Lv22 Naughty (German)

Mareep Lv7 Lonely

Mareep Lv9 Impish

Mareep Lv7 Modest*

Marowak Lv28 Naughty (RCed to evolve)

Masquerain Lv45 Modest

Mawile Lv12 Hardy 

Mawile Lv18 Lonely

Medicham Lv35 Relaxed 

Meditite Lv16 Adamant

Metitite Lv27 Brave

Metagross Lv54 Impish (RCed to evolve)

Metapod Lv5 Relaxed

Metapod Lv4 Modest

Metang Lv53 Impish (RCed to evolve)

Mewoth Lv18 Mild

Mightyena Lv24 Bashful

Miltank Lv16 Lax

Milotic Lv6 Bold

Mime Jr Lv16 Jolly

Minun Lv13 Jolly

Misdreavus Lv10 Impish

Mr. Mime Lv42 Careful

Mr. Mime Lv30 Quirky (German)

Muk Lv15 Lax

Munchlax Lv9 Serious

Murkrow Lv10 Adamant

Natu Lv53 Serious

Nidoran Female Lv3 Brave

Nidoran Female Lv2 Mild

Nidoran Male Lv3 Bold

Nidorino Lv31 Adamant* NFT

Nincada Lv10 Sassy

Ninetails Lv16 Rash

Ninjask Lv20 Brave

Noctowl Lv54 Bashful

Noctowl Lv25 Calm

Nosepass Lv14 x2 Quirky, Calm

Numel Lv51 Quiet

Nuzleaf Lv20 Hasty*

Nuzleaf Lv15 Serious

Octillery Lv32 Lonely

Oddish Lv13 Gentle

Omanyte Lv20 Adamant

Onix Lv44 Sassy

Pachirisu Lv9 Quiet (Jap)

Pachirisu Lv7 Hardy

Paras Lv6 Gentle

Pelipper Lv28 Brave (PKRS)

Pelipper Lv40 Gentle 

Persian Lv28 Mild (RCed to evolve)

Phanpy Lv5 Impish

Pichu Lv21 Lax

Pidgey Lv51 Impish*

Pidgey Lv51 Rash

Pikachu Lv18 Hasty

Piloswine Lv34 Timid*

Pineco Lv5 Careful

Pinsir Lv49 Bold

Plusle Lv21 Impish

Politoed Lv35 Gentle

Politoed Lv25 Lax

Poliwag Lv18 Jolly

Poliwag Lv40 Rash (HGSS)

Poliwhirl Lv35 Gentle

Poliwrath Lv35 Gentle

Ponyta Lv15 Timid

Ponyta Lv23 Jolly

Poochyena Lv23 Mild (German)

Porygon Lv16 Modest

Porygon Lv25 Naughty

Porygon2 Lv16 Modest

Porygon-Z Lv16 Modest

Primeape Lv52 Hardy

Psyduck Lv9 Naughty

Psyduck Lv30 Jolly* NFT by Original Owner

Purugly Lv50 Bashful

Qwilfish Lv20 Bold

Quagsire Lv25 Modest

Raichu Lv18 Hasty

Ralts Male Lv17 Jolly

Ralts Male Lv17 Bold (French)

Rampardos Lv30 Quirky (RCed to evolve)

Raticate Lv49 Bashful

Raticate Lv50 Impish

Rattata Lv47 Docile

Relicanth Lv50 Lonely

Remoraid Lv16 Adamant 

Rhydon Lv52 Serious

Riolu Lv1 Jolly, Riley

Roselia Lv48 Bashful

Roselia Lv19 Bashful (French)

Roserade Lv48 Bashful

Sableye Lv12 Naughty (Edited to get rid of NN, NN copy available)

Sableye Lv12 Lonely (German)

Sableye Lv34 Adamant*

Sandshrew Lv20 Adamant

Scizor Lv53 Brave

Scyther Lv19 Docile

Seadra Lv56 Sassy

Seadra Lv54 Modest

Seaking Lv39 Careful

Sealeo Lv54 Hardy (Jap)

Seedot Lv3 Timid x2 (the same)

Seel Lv39 Modest

Seel Lv24 Careful (HGSS)

Sentret Lv4 Lax

Sentret Lv4 Hasty (Jap)

Sharpedo Lv32 Impish

Shellder Lv23 Lonely

Shroomish Lv28 Adamant*

Shuckle Lv23 Lonely

Shuppet Lv26 Naive

Silcoon Lv12 Mild

Skarmory Lv16 Bashful

Skiploom Lv30 Calm* (Edited to get rid of NN, NN copy available)

Skitty Lv39 Lax

Skorupi Lv27 Careful

Slaking Lv36 Hardy (RCed to evovle)

Slakoth Lv10 Hardy

Slakoth Lv10 Adamant

Slowbro Lv34 Timid

Slowking Lv14 Timd

Slowpoke Lv14 Timid

Slowpoke Lv20 Docile (HGSS)

Slugma Lv25 Brave

Slugma Lv27 Timid (HGSS)

Smeargle Lv41 Relaxed

Smoochum Lv35 Calm

Sneasel Lv35 Rash

Snorlax Lv50 Modest (HGSS)

Snorlax Lv50 Hasty (Jap HGSS)*

Snorunt Lv32 (Jap) Male Serious

Snorunt Lv35 Female Quirky

Solrock Lv37 Relaxed, Lv4 Naive

Spheal Lv26 Careful

Spinarak Lv1 Quirky

Spinda Lv53 Mild

Spinda Lv53 Impish*

Spiritomb Lv25 Bashful

Spoink Lv21 Careful

Stantler Lv6 Adamant

Staravia Lv38 Relaxed

Starmie Lv30 Jolly

Staryu Lv30 Jolly

Steelix Lv34 Impish

Stunky Lv28 Bashful

Stunky Lv14 Adamant

Sudowoodo Lv31 Relaxed

Sudowoodo Lv20 Adamant

Sunkurn Lv5 Modest (Jap w/ pkrs)

Sunkern Lv8 Lonely

Swablu Lv27 Serious*

Swablu Lv28 Careful*

Swellow Lv25 Adamant*

Swinub Lv34 Naive

Taillow Lv6 Bashful

Taillow Lv8 Timid

Tangela Lv29 Brave

Tauros Lv16 Adamant (Cured)

Tauros Lv16 Calm

Teddiursa Lv12 Hardy

Teddiursa Lv20 Relaxed

Teddiursa Lv12 Adamant*

Tentacool Lv27 Calm

Tentacruel Lv46 Relaxed

Tentacruel Lv36 Timid

Togepi Lv18 Naive

Tropius Lv26 Modest

Tropius Lv28 Adamant 

Tyrogue Lv13 Hasty

Torkoal Lv55 Naive

Toxicroak Lv26 Adamant

Trapinch Lv20 Bashful

Trapinch Lv22 Adamant

Unknown Lv21 Rash

Vaporeon Lv22 Sassy

Venonat LV26 Modest

Vespiquen Lv21 Adamant (RCed to evolve)

Vibrava Lv53 Adamant

Vibrava Lv54 Naive

Vigoroth Lv18 Hardy (RCed to evolve)

Volbeat Lv50 Timid*

Voltorb Lv24 Bold

Vulpix Lv28 Brave (Cured)

Vulpix Lv16 Rash

Wailord Lv48 Adamant

Wailmer L32 Brave

Weavile Lv53 Rash

Weedle Lv5 Hasty

Weedle Lv5 Brave 

Weepinbell Lv51 Adamant*

Weezing Lv55 Lonely*

Whiscash Lv33 Timid

Whismur Lv35 Mild

Whismur Lv1 Naughty* NFT

Wingull Lv48 Modest*

Wobbuffet Lv35 Sassy

Wobbuffet Lv20 Hasty

Wooper Lv22 Careful

Wrumple Lv10 Lonely

Wynaut Lv1 Bashful

Yanma Lv27 Quirky

Yanma Lv12 Serious

Zangoose Lv20 Lonely

Zangoose Lv18 Serious

Zubat Lv14 Impish


Shines Leveled Up By Me To Evolved (By Regular Means)








TOUCHED and HACKED (will state if it's hacked) SHINES

Umbreon Lv15 Modest

Vaporeon  Lv15 Modest

Taillow "Peck"  Lv16 Naive

Tangela Lv25 Quirky

Slowking Lv15 Impish

Sandshrew (Pkrs) Lv20 Adamant

Caterpie Lv6 Modest

Ditto Lv70 Calm (Cured)

Dustox Lv30 (Pkrs) Lonely

Flareon Lv15 Modest

Jolteon Lv15 Modest

Kabuto Lv10 Hasty

Leafeon Lv15 Modest

Magneton Lv45 Adamant (Rare candied)

Miltank Lv18 Quiet

Magcargo Lv53 Impish

Gyarados Lv36 Quirky

Natu Lv53 Quirky (Pkrs and Slight Exp.)

Luxio Lv26 Docile

Suicune Lv50 Modest (Hacked)

Latias Lv40 Bold (PKRS and Hacked)

Lugia Lv70 Gentle(Hacked)

Raikou Lv50 Quiet(Hacked)

Raikou Lv50 Sassy(Hacked)

Entei Lv40 Serious(Hacked)

Cresselia Lv50 Hardy (Hacked)

Palkia Lv47 Quirky (Hacked)

Rayquaza (edited a little) Lv70 Lonely (Hacked)