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What I'm Looking For

Panpour Lv1, 10, 15, 20
Unfezant Lv22, 25, 29, 33, 50
Stoutland Lv23, 31, 36
Musharna Lv11, 50
Whirlipede Lv23, 24
Seismitoad Lv15-40
Krokorok Lv34-37, 47-50
Lilligant Lv17, 22, 50
Whimsicott Lv17, 22, 50
Leavanny Lv22, 25
Swanna Lv48-50
Crustle Lv34, 35
Cinccino Lv22, 23, 34
Reuniclus Lv34
Gothitelle Lv34
Vanillish Lv31-33
Sawsbuck Lv30-32, 34-36
Jellicent M&F Lv5-20, 10-30
Beheeyem Lv48-50, 58-60
Fraxure Lv40
Beartic Lv33
Cryogonal Lv28, 31
Mienshao Lv59
Bisharp Lv60
Bravairy Lv58-60
Mandibuzz Lv59-60
Larvesta Lv1 (Received from Route 18)
Thundurus (Only found in White -same routes as Tornadus-) Lv42
Tornadus (Only found in Black. Roaming Routes 5, 6, 16, 15, 14 (Morning) - Routes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (Evening)) Lv42

Must be UT completely and NOT RNGed shiny hatched (AS IN RANDOM ENCOUNTERED ONLY!!). Some of these I am willing to ACCEPT foreign languages since they are hard to find.


Looking For These Shinies:


Spinarak (From HG)
Beedril (From HGSS)
Butterfree (From HGSS)
Pidgeotto (From HGSS)
Persian (From SS)
Mantine (From HG)
Rapidash (From HGSS)
Slowbro (From HGSS)
Hypno (From SS)
Marowak (From HGSS)
Electrode (From HGSS)
Kangaskhan (From HGSS)
Haunter (From HGSS)
Furret (From HGSS)

Lv. 5 shiny starters

Foreign shinies (preferably besides Jap)

Shiny Unowns 


If you offer me a touched or hacked shiny without saying anything, I WILL consider you a scammer. I prefer that you don't offer me one in the first place.)

CHAINED and random encounter shinies ONLY. NO RNGed hatched.