Jinx's Trade Site

BW Shinies

* = 100% legit, caught by the person we traded to, or caught by us
JAP = Japanese
FRE = French
GER = German
NN = Nicknamed

Black and White Shinies

(Only really good offers in exchange for these):
Snivy Lv5 Timid RNGed HP Electric 70* JAP
Tepig Lv5 Timid RNGed HP Electric 70* JAP
Oshawott Lv5 Timid RNGed HP Electric 70* JAP
Tepig Lv5 Naughty* GER
Cobalion Lv42 Quirky
Kyurem Lv75 Rash* JAP
Kyurem Lv75 Adamant
Landorus Lv70 Jolly
Terrakion Lv42 Jolly RNGed Perfect* JAP
Terrakion Lv42 Sassy* JAP
Virizion Lv42 Calm
Virizion Lv42 Jolly
Volcarona Lv70 Relaxed
Volcarona Lv70 Bashful*
Zorua Lv1 Jolly
Zorua Lv1 Timid Possibly RNGed

Alomomola Lv18 Lax
Audino Lv17 Serious JAP
Amoonguss Lv58 Quiet
Archen Lv1 Timid
Archen Lv25 Naive
Axew Lv31 Serious JAP
Axew Lv31 Jolly
Basculin (Blue) Lv11 Calm
Basculin (Red) Lv9 Quiet JAP
Blitzle Lv11 Hasty JAP
Boldore Lv39 Lonely
Bouffalant Lv34 Hasty
Cofagrigus Lv34 Mild
Cottonee Lv1 Relaxed JAP
Cottonee Lv14 Modest
Cottonee Lv15 Impish
Cryogonal Lv1 Hasty
Cubchoo Lv28 Adamant JAP
Darumaka Lv17 Serious
Darmanitan Lv35 Adamant
Darmanitan Lv35 Brave*
Deerling Lv22 Hardy* JAP
Deerling Lv24 Bold
Deerling Lv22 Docile
Deerling Lv26 Sassy JAP
Deerling Lv23 Careful
Deino Lv38 Modest JAP
Deino Lv38 Adamant
Drilbur Lv29 Quirky
Druddigon Lv31 Bashful
Ducklett Lv25 Calm
Duosion Lv32 Hardy
Durant Lv42 Relaxed JAP
Dwebble Lv30 Bashful
Elgyem Lv28 Lonely
Emolga Lv32 Mild
Excadrill Lv39 Gentle NN GurenLagan
Ferroseed Lv24 Bold
Foongus Lv33 Gentle*
Frillish Lv13 Bashful Female
Golett Lv30 Modest FRE
Gothita Lv21 Naughty
Gothorita Lv36 Bashful
Gurdurr Lv28 Mild
Heatmor Lv38 Quiet FRE
Herdier Lv25 Careful
Joltik Lv25 Lonely
Karrablast Lv26 Docile JAP
Klink Lv26 Calm
Klink Lv25 Timid
Larvesta Lv1 Hardy
Liepard Lv20 Lonely
Lillipup Lv5 Docile
Litwick Lv26 Relaxed
Maractus Lv20 Jolly
Mienfoo Lv1 Naughty
Mienfoo Lv40 Quiet
Minccino Lv21 Bashful
Munna Lv8 Brave
Palpitoad Lv30 Hardy
Pansear Lv10 Jolly JAP
Pansear Lv1 Serious JAP Perfect
Pansear Lv15 Bold
Pansage Lv15 Quirky
Patrat Lv3 Calm
Pawniard Lv33 Naughty
Petilil Lv22 Calm
Pidove Lv9 Bold*
Purrloin Lv4 Serious JAP
Roggenrola Lv11 Docile FRE
Roggenrola Lv13 Lonely*
Rufflet Lv38 Careful JAP
Rufflet Lv38 Mild
Sandile Lv21 Docile
Sawk Lv12 Modest
Scraggy Lv1 Docile
Scraggy Lv17 Sassy
Scraggy Lv17 Bold*
Sewaddle Lv14 Sassy*
Shelmet Lv33 Modest JAP
Sigilyph Lv20 Mild FRE
Solosis Lv21 Brave
Stunfisk Lv32 Gentle
Swadloon Lv23 Careful
Throh Lv15 Rash NN NAGEKI
Tirtouga Lv25 Bold
Timburr Lv13 Relaxed*
Tranquill Lv26 Quirky
Trubbish Lv19 Rash FRE
Tympole Lv12 Naive
Tynamo Lv24 Naughty
Tynamo Lv1 Quiet*
Vanillite Lv 31 Lonely FRE
Venipede Lv20 Brave JAP
Venipede Lv1 Adamant*
Vullaby Lv26 Lax
Watchog Lv30 Rash
Woobat Lv13 Serious JAP
Yamask Lv20 Jolly JAP
Zebstrika Lv29 Lonely